Double Moss toe up socks

I was having some issues with my wrist and couldn’t knit for several days. Whatever it was went away.

The overdyed green yarn was calling to me so I decided to cast on a toe-up sock. I’ve knit two pairs of toe-up socks and once I get through the first 4-5 rounds of the toe, I’m good to go. No picking up stitches at the gusset and no Kitchener stitch at the toe (though I don’t really mind that part).

First sock progress came to an abrupt halt when I had to untangle a huge knot. This picture was taken after fiddling with it for 40 minutes.

Another 15 minutes and it was all untangled and I could get back to knitting the leg.

I know some people who would have 1.) cut the knot out of the yarn or 2.) chucked the entire mess into the wastebasket. My grandmother was thrifty/frugal and salvaged many a ball of yarn in her lifetime so I channeled some of the Emma-untangling superpowers and managed to extricate the yarn from its prison.

This sock is now waiting for its mate and I am having a heck of a time starting the toe.* I’m using Judy’s Magic Cast-on and double-point needles as I don’t have any US#1.5 circulars longer than 24-inches. Any tips, tricks, or techniques that will get me through this part are most welcome.

* I figured out what I was doing wrong so the toe is coming along just fine now. 😉


12 thoughts on “Double Moss toe up socks

  1. I am a knot untangler/detangler. I think there’s only been one time when I was bested by a particularly stubborn one. It was not the first time with that yarn and I didn’t like it anyway, so I pitched the whole thing. Let that be a lesson to unruly yarns everywhere!!

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  2. I once let my grandchildren make a spiderweb around the kitchen and living room with a big ball of yarn . We had a grand old time – and the look on their mom’s face was priceless when she came to pick them up. I spent the evening untangling that yarn and used it in afghan!

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