I’m at my sister’s house helping out after her hip replacement surgery. Along with sending her the walker bag, last month, I brought some other gifts for her.

The Double Moss socks, a handmade satiny pillowcase, an amazing lotion stick, a towel for her hair, and some tinted lip balm (not pictured).

We haven’t seen each other in person for three years so we get sidetracked with talking instead of watching the clock and getting her moving around. She is doing very well but I need to dig deep and find the Nurse Ratchet** in me. As with any recovery there are challenges as well as celebrations. I’ll be helping her out until Thursday.

I brought some knitting with me but haven’t done much.

On another note…my hat’s off to all you fellow bloggers who post from your phones or tablets. I have posted on the road before but mostly post from home using my desktop computer. I hope this post is readable, the links work, and the photo is visible.

** One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest reference


I need to change this image. I got new glasses!

6 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. I kinda like posting from my phone – pictures are easier. I’m happy to heard that you and your sister are having a great time. Me taking care of one of my sisters would be an exercise in who has the strongest will! (I would win, but it wouldn’t be pretty.)

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  2. My sister is so amazing…..she is even cooking for me!!! Doing laundry, dishes,changing bedding…..letting my dogs out…in…feeding them…I am so fortunate to have her! Thank you Patti Jane!😘

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