0-Finish in 2 hours

Mr. Aitch and I don’t have “real” tv. We watch shows on Amazon Prime, Brit Box, Peacock, and a few other apps.

Monday evening I started and finished another scrubbie in less than two hours while watching some shows. It would have taken less time if I didn’t have to change colors partway in the row.

Scrubbie in Scrubby Sparkle.  Blueberry and avacado.

Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle in Blueberry and Avacado.

My second FO (finished object) in 2022. The first is half of a pair of socks that I didn’t have time (aka I forgot) to photograph.

I also have the second sock of the above-mentioned pair on my needles and just started the heel flap. More FOs and WIPs coming up soon!

Any FOs to report? Or WIPs? Or just thinking-of-casting-ons?


8 thoughts on “0-Finish in 2 hours

  1. I still have AB’s blanket on the hook. I have zero motivation to finish it. My hands hurts, so there’s that, but it’s also tedious. I’m not a blanket maker unless it switches stitches. I have a pocket shawl almost finished. I need to get it knocked out.


  2. I’ve got a scarf on the needles from the Christmas yarn my grandbrats gave me. I’m also making a scrubbie in Tunisian crochet. I made the spiral scrubbies a few years ago, while waiting for my husband to get out of surgery, then out of recovery, from major surgery. There were a group of people in the waiting room, all of them went home with a scrubbie that night. 🙂

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