Spinifex out, bamboo in

I abandoned the Spinifex sock and decided to go with this Bamboo sock pattern by Fishasaurus Rex. I ripped back to the beginning of the foot section on these toe-up socks and continued with the new pattern.

hand-dyed yarn, bamboo sock pattern

Granted my hand-dyed yarn is really too busy to show the bamboo texture but my objective was to knit a pair of toe-up socks since I struggled so much with the cast-on.

hand-dyed yarn, bamboo sock pattern

The pattern is well written and it features my favorite heel: Eye of Partridge!

hand-dyed yarn, bamboo sock pattern

The sock size is determined by the needle size and not the amount of stitches. I’m knitting a medium.

hand-dyed yarn, bamboo sock pattern

I am just a couple of rows from binding off the first sock. For the toe-up sock knitters (or top down sweater knitters) out there, which super stretchy bind off do you use? I have issues with too tight bind offs. Looking forward to the second sock. I hope I don’t have as much trouble with the toe the next time.


9 thoughts on “Spinifex out, bamboo in

  1. I only knit toe up socks. I convert cuff down patterns to toe up but then I use the Fish Lips Kiss heel which works for either direction. I use Jenny’s Magic BindOff. I’m currently using the Russian Lace bindoff on a sweater and may try that one on a future sock.

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    • Thank you for that link! That looks easy and I don’t have to cut the yarn until the very end. This pattern calls for a sewn bind off and I hate to predict how much yarn I will need. I either cut off way too much or run short to finish the bind off. Thank you!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  2. I totally love these socks. Today, while attempting (and giving up quickly) to hoe out the craft room, I found my original pattern for toe-up socks. Nope, put that back, got three projects going now, don’t need another. Or do I?

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