Ok. WordPress updated their platform and I’m lost. Please bear (or is it bare?) with me while I try to post this.

Back to what I wanted to talk about. I finished the brown socks. I still don’t like them but I’m sure someone in my circle of friends who appreciates handmade socks will LOVE them!

This pattern is called Picnic Blanket Socks from the second in the Handmade Sock Society season 4 series.

I started off with 67 grams of Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn in Fedora (brown) and 21 grams of Basalt for the contrasting heels and toes. I have been using the German Twisted or Old Norwegian cast-on and it has a nice edge and is stretchier than the long-tail cast-on I used to use. Staci from Very Pink has a great video on how to do this cast-on.

Easy, easy, easy pattern as it is mostly knitting in the round. I think it was the puffy parts and the solid brown that made me not like these socks. Perhaps if the yarn was heathered or a tonal color, I would have liked them more. I started them on March 4th and finished the pair on March 20.

I played yarn chicken with the Fedora brown and I won. I had less than one gram left which will be enough for any repairs that might be needed in the future. I still have 10 grams of the lovely greyish-taupey heathered Basalt, which is, unfortunately, discontinued.

Other than weaving in the ends, I’m calling these finished.

Have you finished anything recently?

Happy knitting. Or crocheting. Or other crafty things.


13 thoughts on “Fini

  1. They remind me of that thing we did with socks in the 80s. Crunched them down so they were puffy like that. They look cozy though.
    I have two projects on the hook, but we have been clearing downed trees from the yard and my poor hands can’t handle working the sheers and crocheting afterward. I’ve kinked something somewhere and the base of the thumb on my left hand is angry. Not a lot of fiber work going on. I did sew a Stupendous Man mask per my nephew’s request.

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  2. They are very nice socks, someone will adore them. I have finished quilts, but no knitting finishes in a long time. The current shawl is almost to the end of the border repeats and then it will go quickly on the short row body. But I just discovered I missed half of the 16 row repeat, 3 REPEATS AGO! So, do I rip out 48 rows of knitting over 20 sts? I said no and kept going. I dare anyone to notice 8 missing rows. LOL

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