Brown socks

I’m knitting a pair of brown socks. I don’t like the color of yarn nor the pattern.

But since I bought the pattern and am using yarn from my stash, I’m going to finish them.  One sock is done and I’ve already knit 23 rows on the second sock.

How silly is it to continue knitting something I don’t like?

Pretty silly.

13 thoughts on “Brown socks

  1. Maybe they will look better when you are finished……I hope. I made a quilt that I hated. It was ugly…but several people told me they really liked it…were they truthful…I don’t know. Anyway if you hate brown…may as well finish them and get rid of them..I mean gift them😂

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  2. Not liking the color of the yarn is a problem. I had a friend get her yarn redyed to a color she liked but it was a light color so easier to redye and we have another friend who is a dyer. I’m still mad two years later over a pattern I bought from Baah yarns. I’ll never buy another pattern from them. $6 for a 4 line pattern. Ridiculous.

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    • I have no idea what prompted me to buy that color in the first place as I don’t wear much brown. I thought about over dying it with red to see if I would like that color better but just never did it. I could still try it after the socks are finished. The pattern I’m using is part of a series and quite frankly, I just “needed” to knit something!

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  3. I don’t think it is all that silly when you consider to benefits. The socks won’t take you long because you are a superstar knitter. Working down stash is a sweet and beautiful thing. I say win-win. That being said, I started the same socks with the same yarn three times before scrapping the plan. hahaha!!

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  4. Those socks might be destined for someone who needs a lift but you and they don’t even know it yet 🙂 Finishing might be all about discipline and/or perseverance too. All I’m trying to say is this: Everything happens for a reason. I could be wrong. But I doubt it. 🙂 I like brown socks.

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