Stash addition

After realizing that I didn’t want to knit another pair of blue socks (for now), I took advantage of LoveCraft’s yarn sale last week and added 10 balls of Schachenmayr Regia 4-Ply sock yarn to my stash.  I didn’t feel too guilty over this purchase as I’ve been using stash yarn so far this year.  Plus my mental health needed a new-yarn boost!

The yarn arrived in this lovely mesh-type drawstring bag.Regia sock yarns from LoveCraft

First up is a rich-colored yarn twisted with deeper tones in the Indian Night colorway.Regia sock yarn in Indian Night

Next is Spot Graphite, a dark grey heathered yarn with an inch or two of brighter colors here and there that will create spots of color instead of stripes.  I hope.Regia sock yarn Spot Graphite

Finally, we have Anthrazit Tweed similar to the above grey with tweed flecks.Regia 4-ply sock yarn Anthrazit Tweed

I think all three colorways of this yarn will blend nicely with each other so I can mix and match as needed.Regia 4-ply sock yarn

I will be casting on another pair of socks as soon as I finished the Luminary sock #2!

What are you working on or looking forward to?


13 thoughts on “Stash addition

  1. My thumbs have been painful lately, so the jacket I started for his aunt is making very slow progress. I need a chiropractor and a massage!
    Love those colors.

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  2. I have not seen that Indian Nights colorway before, and it is so pretty! Yay for Happy Mail! Do you have any ideas for what you will be making with your haul?

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  3. Love your new yarn, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m currently finishing up a baby blanket, BUT I also just got a package of really cute sock yarn, so I can already see socks in my future. 😛

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