THSS II sock 4 progress

I’ve made great progress on the fourth sock in the Handmade Sock Society season 2 series: Cornish Cream Tea socks. I’ve already turned the heel and am knitting the foot of the first sock.

I’m loving all the different shades of grey in Knit Picks Stroll in Thunderhead.

One thing I have learned from knitting all the socks in this series is that I can’t concentrate on the lace patterns AND decrease the heel gusset while listening to an audiobook.  This lace pattern on this sock is easier for me to read from the included chart rather than the written pattern. But the decreases are on the written pattern page and not the chart thus making me flip back and forth between the two.  I forget to do that when listening to a book.  I could remedy that by rewriting the chart but it’s only for 20 rows.

What are you working on this week?



9 thoughts on “THSS II sock 4 progress

  1. I’ve got a bloom pillow on the hook. I pick it up occasionally and do a few rounds.
    What are you listening to? With the kids back in school, it is audiobook time at my house.

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    • Right now I’m listening to The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg about five “pensioners” who are dissatisfied with their living conditions in a retirement home. Before that The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict about Albert Einstein’s first wife. It’s not exactly a biography but relies on letters and other facts about their life together.

      I need to see if I can print out a history of all the books I’ve read/listened to from the libraries. I can pull up the history online but not sure how to print it.


  2. Lol that you can’t do three things at once. I knew I liked you!

    I am plugging away on Durrow shawl when I am home, knitting socks when I am not home. Avoiding thinking about finishing the crazy baby pants and starting the next baby project – cactus hat and blanket.

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  3. I am coveting these lovely socks! I want to start on a pair of my own, but I suppose I need to finish my BT Bedford pullover, as it has been on needles for… well, it’s been a while, haha. Once I lock in again I’ll be able to crank it out though. And then I’ll be grateful when cooler weather (finally) comes!

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