Once upon a time…

…there was an overconfident knitter.

She decided to knit a shawl for one of her closest friends.  This overconfident knitter thought that she would get this beauty off the needles within two weeks as that was how long it took her to knit the first one using the same pattern.

The overconfident knitter said to herself’ “Lifelines?  I don’t need no stinkin’ lifelines!”

So she knit on the shawl with complete abandon not even giving a lifeline another thought.

Alas, the overconfident knitter had to rip out or rather unknit not only two rows of lace knitting three times each but three rows of lace knitting three times each.

Three rows of 267 stitches three times each. (That’s only unknitting 2,403 stitches and reknitting 2,403 stitches.)

Did the overconfident knitter learn her lesson?  Oh yeah, but it took her nine times to finally figure it out!

Moral of the story: Use the freaking lifelines!!!!

4 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

    • A lifeline is a piece of waste yarn that is threaded through a row of stitches. It basically holds the stitches in place so if you have to rip back the knitting to the lifeline to correct a mistake, your stitches in that row are secure and you just pick them up and continue to knit.

      There are many explanations on how to do that, here is one: http://www.endlessknits.com/how-tos/lifelines/

      I generally use the third method in the above link since I have that tiny hole in my needles and don’t have to pick up each stitch for the lifeline.

      Does that help?

      BTW I still love making this for you.



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