…to 2013.

Hello, Twenty Fourteen!

May your new year be full of joy, health, friendship, love, peace, prayer, thankfulness and comfort.  And finished projects.

I want to be more positive this year, however I need to wrapup last year.  Referring back to my previous post, these are what didn’t get finished for Christmas:

  1. The quilts.
  2. Two of the four pencil/marker cases.
  3. Snowman kits and drawstring bags.
  4. The taggie ball for our baby grandson.
  5. The second slipper.  (It’s finished now but not for Christmas.  It wasn’t a gift so why was I even worried about it?!  Duh!)

On the positive side I did complete two pencil/marker bags and flannel marble mazes (idea from Serving Pink Lemonade) that weren’t on my list.  Extra credit, maybe?  And, of course, all the gifts were wrapped.


Two box bags, one with a pink zipper and orange lining, the other with a purple zipper and blue lining.   (Even added names to the straps with my new sewing machine!)  The pillowcases that match the quilts.  Six flannel marble mazes using scraps of fabric.  Only three are shown here.  They were actually a bigger hit than I thought they would be.  The marble is contained inside so no worries about losing it or getting into the wrong hands (or mouth) of a baby.  The reverse is printed.

We had a very merry Christmas.  Did you?

Sorry Mr. Aitch.  I’m not showing the gifts you received.



Yes, I know I have another sock book that I “planned” on knitting every sock in order but the first sock was so intimidating that I haven’t opened up the book for a long time.  (Purchased in 2010!!)  This one will be different.  I hope.


I’ve only seen Season One so don’t tell me what happens!!


I love these kinds of calendars.


My new knitting bag is the Retro Metro from thirty-one.  I think this will be large enough for my travel knitting.

The rest of the gifts were already eaten or in use.

I’ve started knitting a sweater for our grandson’s first birthday on the 17th.  I’m making up the pattern as I go.  It will either be a learning experience or it will be the perfect gift.

How’s that for a positive attitude!

3 thoughts on “Goodbye…

  1. Love you new knitting bag. I bought myself the Organizing Tote a few years ago in a really pretty tartan plaid. All the outside pockets come in really handy. I hope you enjoy all your Christmas gifts.


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