Peony progress

I finished the left front side of my Peony Twist cardi and started the right side.   Only 12 more rows to go before I start on the sleeves.  I pinned the left and back shoulder seam and tried it on.

It fits!  So far.   No pictures today as it was too dark to get anything close colorwise with the thunderstorms rolling through last night. 

The waist shaping is fabulous. I’m so glad I decided to make the adjustments that I did.   The sweater a little shorter than I expected but with a little tweaking when blocking I’m sure I can remedy that.  It’s cotton yarn and I know it can grow, too.

The right side is harder than the left as I have to remember to knit in the buttonholes as I go, which I was doing all along but with the back and left not needing buttonholes it’s something I have to get back in the rhythm of doing.  (Is that ever a run-on sentence!)  But that means there is no added buttonhole band to fiddle with and that, my friends, is a good thing.

I am 99% sure I will have enough yarn.  And if I don’t, another wonderful Ravelry knitter (RHAnya) has offered her yarn if I need it.

I need to start thinking about the buttons…

2 thoughts on “Peony progress

  1. That long sentence should have a semicolon jn somewhere.(possibly after “along” in the second line down. If you are 99% sure, I’m sure you will make it. You do have interesting buttons on your projects.


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