I finished knitting the body and sleeves of my Peony Twist cardigan.  I blocked everything but still have the rest of the collar to knit.  The sleeves need sewn in as well.

Do you block before you assemble?  Or do you wait to block the finished project?  Or both?  It just seemed right to block the body of this before I sewed in the sleeves as it was flat.  Same with the sleeves.

I had enough yarn to finish the sweater so I didn’t need the kindness of strangers to help out this time.

I’m still searching for the right buttons.  I found some on a long forgotten dress my daughter wore in middle school.  The dress is cute but so out of style.  The buttons are a clear glass faceted ball.  Might be too fancy for this top but I’ll have to see how they look with my sweater.

Sorry this is a pictureless post.  Don’t you just hate that!  I had a hair appointment after work yesterday and then had dinner.  By the time I was ready to settle in for the evening, it was too dark to get any decent pictures.  Tonight isn’t looking that good either.  It’s the last night of our Zumba class.  Maybe I’ll have everything finished for a fabulous photo shoot Wednesday evening.

2 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. I always blocked ater the sweater after I was finished, but it seems right to block before. It seems easier to block before. Can’t wait to see the finished project.


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