Been busy

The soaker was sent yesterday and as soon as I know it was received I will post pictures.

I knit three hats last week.  One for a friend, one for Mr. Aitch, and one for me.

Mr Aitch's hat


Joe's hat

Yes, I actually knit myself a hat.  I wasn’t going to make one for me but when I went to work on Tuesday, it was bitter cold and the wind was really blowing.  I was going to mail the hat to my friend right after work so I had it with me.  I took it out of the bag and wore it from my car into the office building.  It kept my head warm but most of all it kept my ears warm.  I only had the hat on for about 3-4 minutes and didn’t have “hat hair” so I decided I needed one of these hats for these bitter cold days.

My hat

I also knit up an iPhone cozy.  I don’t have an iPhone but I see one in my future.

iPhone cozy

I knit this pattern from Brent Annable using leftover Saucy Sport mercerized cotton yarn.

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