4 thoughts on “Pathetic

  1. If you like the hat and enjoy doing it….so what! I painted the same pattern 20-30-40 times….yes, I did….and it sold at craft shows….so have at it! You can make every hat different so they are still one of a kind! Don’t be so hard on yourself.


  2. Loved the hats. It doesn’t seem like you are making the same hat because they are all different. Keep up your knittting. I’m sure the people who receive them are enjoying them.


  3. Yes, but can you now knit them in your sleep? You are amazing. Who’s getting these anyhow? I’d ask to be on the list, but I live in Florida where hats are very optional. I did see something akin to these in a shop in St. Augustine, and I think they were made of alpaca. And I don’t think this is pathetic. I think you’re an inspiration.


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