Ms Ida pictures

I gifted the Ms Ida Chain Link mittens to my sister and she sent me a picture of them.  For some reason I forget to take the pictures before I gift something.

Ms Ida Chain Link mittens

I followed the pattern (large) including the yarn and colors except I left off one diamond repeat on the thumb and it was plenty long.   My original plan was to make these flip top mittens but I was having such a time with the thumbs that we (my sister and I) decided the flip top wasn’t necessary.

I used Knit Picks City Tweed in Dungaree and Andean Silk in Cream.  I loved working with this yarn though it is sticky.  Just don’t make many mistakes to tink or frog.

Thinking I would make two pairs of these mittens, I bought another Andean Silk in cream and City Tweed in Cottontail that appears to be discontinued.  It’s a taupe color.  I’ll find something else to knit with it.

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