Not what I planned

First I want to thank all of you who visited my blog on Wednesday.  Evidently posting a tutorial, albeit a paper and not a yarn or knitting tutorial, was a good thing.

My plan for yesterday (after work) was to stop and pick up some paper supplies to maybe, just maybe, make my Christmas cards.  I bought some cards a few weeks ago and, well, they were not exactly what I want to send.   There are nice inexpensive cards and then there are cheap cards.  Really cheap cards.  My name is not going on these cards.

We got some snow.  Unexpected snow and it was slippery snow.   It wasn’t a lot of snow but it was the right kind to cause havoc all over the place.  Cars were off the roads and in ditches.  By the time I got to our neighborhood, I knew there would be a problem getting up the hill.  The half mile hill.  The half mile snow-covered steep hill.  I saw tire tracks all over the road.  Then I saw brake lights at the top of the hill.  That’s never a good sign. Someone (not me) was spinning their wheels at the top.  Since everyone had to stop on the steepest part of the hill until the first person got to the flat part, we all got stuck briefly but eventually got moving again.

Mr. Aitch was at work so our driveway hadn’t been touched.  I tried to go up and into the garage but it was too slick.  So I parked the car at the bottom of the driveway and walked to the house to get the shovel.  Fortunately the snow was dry and light instead of the heavy wet stuff.  It only took about an hour and fifteen minutes to clear it.

I was too tired to make the cards so I sat down and knitted another hat.  An unplanned hat.  No charts, just simple no-brainer knitting.

My plans for this evening include making cookie dough, making the above mentioned Christmas cards, working on the felt ornaments, knitting Mr. Aitch’s Musica mitts, and finishing two hats.

Well, that’s my plan…

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