Let the decluttering begin

While in the shower yesterday morning, I decided I need to start decluttering my life of things. Since I share a 2152 square-foot house with my husband and his fish menagerie, I have to go one drawer, one cabinet, one closet, one room at a time or I will be overwhelmed in less than two seconds. This morning I started with one drawer in the kitchen island. The “plan” was to devote 15 minutes to the drawer. Two hours later, it was time for lunch. The useless stuff was tossed in the trash. Now there are a few small piles of stuff that need a home. The physical part of decluttering is easy. It’s the mental part of deciding where the rest of the stuff will live that is the hardest.

I should have taken before pictures but I was too embarrassed to show the mess. Let’s just say that I found things from the last century and let it go at that.

Meanwhile, the sweater progression is headed in the right direction. I’ve joined the sleeves to the body and am now in the process of decreasing at each sleeve and body “seam”. A couple more hours and I will be finished with sweater number one. I’m using Bernat’s Baby Sport in ecru. Granted the skein is HUGE and I will have a ton left over but it was the right weight and color I was looking for at the time. Sweater number two will be from Caron Simple Soft (discontinued) in white left over from another project. I didn’t want to use two different yarns but I need to match the rest of the outfits hence the two different colors. The Caron is a worsted weight and I’m trying to decide if I want to go up a size or two in needles and down a size or two with the pattern…which I am making up as I go. As soon as I find a decent backdrop, I will take some pictures of my progress.

The drawer is calling me to finish what I started. 15 minutes. Not.

Your thoughts? I read them all.

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