Shell Cottage

The first sock in Helen Stewart’s Handmade Sock Society is this lovely Shell Cottage sock pattern.

 © Helen Stewart

While stash diving, I came up with this lovely heather greyish color called Basalt Heather from Knit Picks Stroll.  I’m ready to cast on!


Thumb bracelet

Not quite the update I planned.  My post was supposed to be about finishing the Bloomin’ Socks but alas I haven’t accomplished that.  Yet.

Most of the time I listen to an audiobook when I knit.  Right now it’s the Maisie Dobbs series written by Jaqueline Winspear and I love them.  (I’m on book #9 – Elegy for Eddie.) Anyway, I’m knitting the toe of the second sock and I knit one round then decrease one round.  Easy.  It’s just plain old knitting.

Except I get mixed up on whether it’s just knitting or needing to decrease.

So I quickly made some “thumb bracelets” to be mindful of which row/round I’m on. Nothing fancy mind you but they work.

One for the knit round.

And one for the decrease round.

I just need to remember to change them out after each round!  (And please ignore my dry hands.)

I signed up

Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade is offering another sock pattern subscription club inspired by the beautiful Cornish coastline.  The Handmade Sock Society 2 begins with the first of six sock patterns on February 14 and runs through December 5, 2019.

I didn’t join the first club but since I do enjoy knitting socks, I want to try this out.  My plan/hope is to use yarn from my stash for at least three of the patterns.

For a limited time, you can join the club at a discounted price.

Have you ever joined a subscription club before?


Sometimes printed patterns look fine as they are and sometimes better when mirrored.  I decided to make my Bloomin’ socks mirror images and printed the charts in reverse.

I pulled up the leg chart in Photoshop and flipped it so the bloom pattern is reversed.  Original chart is at the top and the reversed chart at the bottom.

Then I did the same for the gusset and foot chart.  Original chart is at the bottom and the reversed chart at the top.

I might have to tweak the gusset a bit when I begin the decreases but I’m sure everything will work out fine.

And the nine-inch circular needles are a dream!!

Do you prefer identical patterns on both the left and right sock or mitt or would you rather they mirror each other?