Walking it off

My Fitbit* Flex is a few years old and was a great motivator to get up and walk. (This model is no longer available.)

After I retired (and had a change in some medication – meaning I had to change to a not-so-great insurance plan), I gained 20 pounds.  Happy?  Not in the least.

Anyway, I’ve been doing these “Workweek Hustle” events with some other Fitbit users.

These have really helped me get out of my favorite knitting chair and move.  I only know one of the people in this group but that really didn’t matter.  What did matter was that I was motivated again to do something about the extra pounds.

And last week I won! 

Big time won!  Personal best week!!

I just need to keep walking to reach my goal of losing ten pounds by July 4th.  The only downside to this fabulousness is not much knitting.  I haven’t figured out how to walk and knit at the same time without doing any damage to the knitting or myself.

*Not a paid product review.  Just my story and my own personally purchased Fitbit.


6 thoughts on “Walking it off

  1. wow – excellent! Are you walking outside, or on a tread mill or just circling the living room? 🙂

    Time to learn to knit and walk. Start with simple hats. You can do this! Look at the old Shetland women and the wondrous things they knit while carrying big baskets, and working. We are just as good as they were. 🙂


    • Mostly walking inside, circling the entire first floor. Mr. Aitch thinks I’m going to wear out the carpet in the living room but it needs replaced so I’m not that concerned. We don’t wear shoes inside anyway. Maybe that’s how I manage to wear out my slippers so quickly!

      We used to have a treadmill but got rid of that cobweb/dust catcher a few years ago. Walking in front of a cinderblock wall in the basement was not inviting.

      I will need more practice walking and knitting at the same time. LOL!

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