Weekend plans

My S-I-L and I have a fun weekend planned. After we check into a luxury hotel (we’re worth it), we’ll head to a casino for a winning evening. ūü§ěūüŹĽ

Tomorrow involves a 90-minute massage and manicure. Perhaps shopping in the afternoon then The Lion King is on tap that evening.

Our husbands are dropping us off and picking us up as neither of us wants to drive in a city and pay the outrageous (to me) parking fees.

Off to pack…

Another make-it-up-as-I-go dinner

Mr. Aitch and I had shrimp on the grill Saturday night and had some leftover.  Not enough for another meal but enough for something.

So I put on my thinking cap and came up with a version of Shrimp Alfredo using ingredients that I had on hand: low-fat cream cheese, Romano cheese, milk, garlic powder, red peppers, and egg noodles.  And of course, the shrimp seasoned with Old Bay.  We also had a fresh garden salad.

And wine.  Always wine.

I decided to write down the recipe after we tasted it.  Yummy!


Weekend update

My SIL loved the sock and it fit her tiny foot perfectly.¬† So I’ve begun sock #2 and have the ribbing and two pattern repeats finished so far.

Our motorcycle trip went well.¬† We got to try out our new helmets (with communication devices) and our new rain suits.¬† We don’t talk much while riding but sometimes I can see the route we need and remind Mr. Aitch when he doesn’t notice it so it can save us some backtracking.¬† Fortunately, the rain suits were really only needed the first 15 miles on our way home but we kept them on the rest of the 4-hour ride.¬† Win-win.