Guess what?

OK, I’ll tell you.

I’m retiring on June 30.

Screen shot of the countdown calendar that I took this morning while eating breakfast:


Yup, only 90 more days to go.

Mr. Aitch and I have discussed this change in our lives and have come up with a very lucrative business to give us more income in our Golden Years.

We are in the process of setting up a silk spinning company.  Using spiders to spin webs that we will harvest and turn into very strong and beautiful yarn.

During my Spring cleaning, I discovered several places that are full of these beautiful silken threads.  I didn’t want to stop the silk production so I left the spiders where they were and just took the webs.

Now to clean, card, and spin my findings into beautiful yarn.  Any spinners out there who want to help?

Kids say the darnedest things

Last week when I was at my daughter’s house, one of the twins asked me a question, “Nona, you’re her mom, right?”  She pointed first to me then to her mom, my daughter.

“Yes, that’s right.  I’m your moms mom.”

“Then you can tell her what to do, right?  Since you are her mom, right?”

“Well, not exactly.”

The other twin said, “Why not?”

“When she was a little girl, I told her what to do but now she’s a grownup and I don’t tell her what to do anymore.  I still offer her suggestions but she doesn’t have to listen to me.”


We never found out where this was going or if they wanted me  to make their mom listen to me.  We did get a chuckle out of it though.

Happy Mother’s Day!

We never guess, we look it up

That was the name of a unit our 5th grade class did many years ago.  The goal was to look up and verify information so you knew the answer, not just guessed at it or took whatever you read as true.

I searched for my WNGWLIU pin this morning but couldn’t find it.  I did find this one on-line (courtesy of creativepro.com):

We never guess, we look it up!

This “club” empowered me to research things that others took for granted.  Maybe it made me into a bit of a smart-ass.  I don’t know.  But it did make me feel really bad last night and worse this morning.

One of my best and dearest friends and I were emailing last night about a story he forwarded to me.  I look up a lot of articles before I forward them.  I really wanted this story to be true but it wasn’t.

And I told him.

It wasn’t like na-na-na-na-na, you’re wrong but the way I feel right now, it could have been.  I feel worse than crap.  I wish I could unknit the last few hours so I’d feel better.

Miss Hassle (yes, that was her name), thanks for teaching me how to use  libraries, newspapers, dictionaries, encyclopedias (and now the Internet) to research things but I also wish I would have learned when to keep my mouth shut.  You don’t learn that from books.