Kids say the darnedest things

Last week when I was at my daughter’s house, one of the twins asked me a question, “Nona, you’re her mom, right?”  She pointed first to me then to her mom, my daughter.

“Yes, that’s right.  I’m your moms mom.”

“Then you can tell her what to do, right?  Since you are her mom, right?”

“Well, not exactly.”

The other twin said, “Why not?”

“When she was a little girl, I told her what to do but now she’s a grownup and I don’t tell her what to do anymore.  I still offer her suggestions but she doesn’t have to listen to me.”


We never found out where this was going or if they wanted me  to make their mom listen to me.  We did get a chuckle out of it though.

Happy Mother’s Day!

They think of everything

Vintage Easter bunny 1

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I’m sharing a funny story our daughter just told me about their 4-yo twin girls.    The twins asked her if she should write a letter to the Easter Bunny to let him know that they have a new baby as they wrote a letter to Santa to let him know that they moved last summer.  They were very concerned that the baby would be left out.

Our daughter told them that the hospital sends letters to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny whenever there is a birth at the hospital so the girls didn’t need to worry.  Their baby brother would have an Easter basket.

I’m not sure what will be in the baby’s basket tomorrow but she was on her way out to get him an Easter basket.