Guess what?

OK, I’ll tell you.

I’m retiring on June 30.

Screen shot of the countdown calendar that I took this morning while eating breakfast:


Yup, only 90 more days to go.

Mr. Aitch and I have discussed this change in our lives and have come up with a very lucrative business to give us more income in our Golden Years.

We are in the process of setting up a silk spinning company.  Using spiders to spin webs that we will harvest and turn into very strong and beautiful yarn.

During my Spring cleaning, I discovered several places that are full of these beautiful silken threads.  I didn’t want to stop the silk production so I left the spiders where they were and just took the webs.

Now to clean, card, and spin my findings into beautiful yarn.  Any spinners out there who want to help?

3 thoughts on “Spinners

  1. great idea! Anything that makes it easier to retire is a good thing. I’ll pass on the cobwebs, though. However, if you need a supplemental supplier, just let me know.


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