The neighbors…again

Mr. Aitch and I have been enjoying our neighbors again.

We love watching this feathered couple outside our window.

Usually, the female eats from the feeder…

…preparing the meal…

…while the male sits or hops on the ground picking up any seeds she happens to knock off the suet cake.

But sometimes he gets a chance at the feeder, too.

Our neighbors

The back half of our property is wooded and abuts another much larger wooded area.  We have a new couple living somewhere back there who comes to our house to eat several times a day.

Two pileated woodpeckers.  A female.

And a male.

The one with the red “mustache” is the male.

They both visit our suet cake bird feeder several times a day though the female is the one that usually hangs out on the feeder which is about five-inches square so you can see how large she is. 

The male usually stays on a nearby tree or on the ground under the feeder catching and seeds that fall.  We just love watching them.



Do you have an unusual luggage tag?

Or do you tie a brightly colored cloth or ribbon on your handle to help find your luggage easily?

I made a bright removable cover for one of my suitcases a few years ago and I’ve always been able to identify it immediately when traveling.

My carry-on luggage needed a special ID tag and I just happened to get a very personalized one.

I found the “medical device” clip art on-line for one side.


Then I made my own QR code with my contact info on the other side.  So my identity is kind of protected.  One just needs a QR reader app to actually read it.  (Of course a real QR Code doesn’t have a big blank circle in the middle of it…)


Try this one: