The neighbors…again

Mr. Aitch and I have been enjoying our neighbors again.

We love watching this feathered couple outside our window.

Usually, the female eats from the feeder…

…preparing the meal…

…while the male sits or hops on the ground picking up any seeds she happens to knock off the suet cake.

But sometimes he gets a chance at the feeder, too.

I spy…

I love reading other people’s blogs and looking at the photos they post.  It’s like a little window into their lives. 

Yep, I’m nosy. 

I like seeing the sweaters, shawls, scarves, hats, quilts, dresses, socks, kids, dogs, plants, food and whatever else you are posting about.   I also like to see what’s in the background.  The books, the mantle, the wine glass, the coffee mug, the tea-cup, the half done jigsaw puzzle, the pillows on your chair or sofa.   I like to see what plants you have in your garden, the arbor, the fencing.   Oh, you have the same deck furniture as I do.  Love that lamp on the table in the background.  Cute stitch markers.  The window to your life. 

My photos aren’t too good.  Some are out of focus, some are too dark, some are both!  I’m wondering if it’s me or the camera.  The camera I’m using has been dropped a few times and I’ve noticed I can’t get the clean edges anymore.  

I try to crop my photos so some of my cluttered life doesn’t spill into yours.  

One of my pictures on Facebook has me sitting on my motorcycle trying to look cool.  In the background were the dead flowers in my porch boxes.  So I had to do some magic to make the mess resemble live flowers.  It’s not the greatest job but it’s better than the brown disaster that was there. 

New flowers