Sock update

How’s your knitting/sewing/crafting/hobby/baking/music-making mojo?  Mine comes and goes.  But I finally finished The Handmade Sock Society season 2 sock series!View of finished socks

The Dorsal socks were a pretty easy knit as all but the back panel was stockinet stitch and the back panel wasn’t too difficult as long as I took my time and paid attention.  This picture is way overexposed so you can see the lovely dorsal fin design that goes up the back of the leg.dorsal detail

I did lighten the back of the sock to view more details.  Please excuse this wonky photo as it is very difficult to take a picture of one’s own foot from the back.

As soon as the ends are woven in, I’ll have another pair of socks…for next winter.


8 thoughts on “Sock update

  1. Still cranking along on the stash blanket. It’s quite colorful. Making a bunch of masks from my fabric stash. The Man’s boss asked if I could make 100 for the plant in case the gov sends the order that masks must be worn when out and about. 50 down, 50 to go.

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