Yarn order

Trying to get ones knitting mojo back is a hard task but I think I might be gaining on that.  Periodically Knit Picks* says “goodbye” to some yarn colors and I happened to spot two that I liked.  As I’m a member of Helen Stewart’s The Handmade Sock Society 2, I’m desperately stash diving for yarns that I like.  If you have any kind of a stash (fabric, fiber, dyes, threads, paper, office supplies, cigars, etc.), then you sometimes buy items that you wanted to try but then don’t particularly like anymore.

So here I am with some sock yarn that falls into that stash category of I-don’t-really-like-this-color-anymore or the What-was-I-thinking?  I should just sell or trade them on Ravelry…and I will once I find the gumption to list them.

Back to the Knit Picks “goodbye” sale… I needed a knitting pick-me-up sp I found Hawthorn Fingering Multicolor yarn had two such “goodbye” colorways that I loved.

Rich blues and purples of Goose Hollow…

…and the deep blue-greens that morph into warm yellow greens of Cully.

Goose Hollow is still available but evidently, Cully is sold out.

And to round out my order (for free shipping) a pair of super sharp steaking scissors.  These 4-inch little gems are VERY sharp, fit nicely in my knitting gadget bag and have a point protector.

*I am not affiliated with Knit Picks and did not receive any compensation for this post.  I just like and use these products and thought you might, too.