Sometimes printed patterns look fine as they are and sometimes better when mirrored.  I decided to make my Bloomin’ socks mirror images and printed the charts in reverse.

I pulled up the leg chart in Photoshop and flipped it so the bloom pattern is reversed.  Original chart is at the top and the reversed chart at the bottom.

Then I did the same for the gusset and foot chart.  Original chart is at the bottom and the reversed chart at the top.

I might have to tweak the gusset a bit when I begin the decreases but I’m sure everything will work out fine.

And the nine-inch circular needles are a dream!!

Do you prefer identical patterns on both the left and right sock or mitt or would you rather they mirror each other?


9 thoughts on “Mirrored

  1. I usually don’t bother to make my socks match! I tend to use self-striping yarns and let them do whatever they do. So this is a whole new idea to me. I like it, though, and will keep it in mind as I make some more challenging and patterned socks this coming year (just got Solefull Socks and am looking forward to tackling the plaid socks!)


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