New foot covers

I thought these green slippers were the same ones I repaired a couple of years ago.  But they are not. These are obviously a more muted green and the variegated colors of the yarn aren’t in the same places.

It doesn’t really matter though I would like to know how long these last for me.  I must be hard on my slippers as I seem to wear them out fairly often.  I can tell that these have been re

Whatever.  They are in the trash.  Gone for good.

My new red multicolored seamless slippers…

…with new soles.

I hope they last a long time.

4 thoughts on “New foot covers

  1. My slippers are still in relatively good shape. I wear them all the time, even outside sometimes! Since you taught me how to repair th bottoms, I’m pretty sure they have a lot of life left in them!


    • The soles are from “replacement carpeting” for cars and trucks. I bought a roll of it specifically for this purpose from Wal-Mart when I used up the leftovers from putting in carpet in my husband’s truck several years ago. It’s like felt and easy to cut with regular scissors. I lost the label from the roll so I can’t tell you the brand. The Wal-Mart in my area doesn’t sell it any more. I did find something similar from Online Fabric Store. Here’s the link.

      I used to take several layers of denim (from wore out jeans) and machine quilt soles before I found this stuff.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.



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