Why did I buy this?

Five words: because it was on sale.

Those five words can get me to part with my money faster than a hot knife through butter. Or a duck on a June bug.  Or a, well, you get the idea.  I didn’t really like the colors when I bought this BUT it was a great deal.  Or was it?

If I’m not using it and it’s just taking up space in my yarn bins, it’s not really a great deal at all.  I wasted money on something I didn’t really love or need.

This “mistake” happened 10 or so years ago and I’m not sucked in by that word that four-letter word “sale” like I used to be.  If I don’t love it or need it, I don’t buy it.  I do shop sales but it’s not the criteria to buy something.

18 balls of this yarn equals 2,854 yards of 95% cotton.  The other 5% is a shiny polyamide thread running around the cotton.

It knits up great and I would use it if it were another color.  The colors are pretty, just not right for me. It’s listed as trade or sell in my Ravelry yarn stash until I figure out what to do with it.

Has the word SALE ever caused you to buy something you didn’t need or love?



4 thoughts on “Why did I buy this?

  1. My New Years resolution is no shopping. So far, pretty good. If I don’t need it, not buying it. There’s a conversation/argument in my head when confronted with a sale.


    • That’s what I’m thinking but I’ve not had any experience with cotton dyes since I taught art to middle schoolers in the last century when we tie-dyed shirts. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated!

      And you are 100% correct that not all that glitters is gold. At least I suckered into a decent yarn.


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