Smalltown, USA

I live in Smalltown USA.

That fact really hit home the other day while I was mailing something at the post office.

The postal worker and another customer were admiring my Don’t Tread on Me purse that I made last year.

Customer:  That is a really cool purse.

Postal worker:  Yeah.  I really like it.

Me:  Thanks.  I made it.

C&Pw:  Really?  How did you do it?

Me: I knit it really big then I tossed it into the washing machine with hot water and it shrunk to this size.

Customer:  Did you mean to do that?

Me:  Yes, so that it would be a smaller size.

Customer:  Was it hard?

Me:  Not really.  The wool was a bit scratchy and that made it tough on my hands but it wasn’t that hard to knit.

Customer:  Oh, you could sell those.  I bet someone would buy it for $50.

Me:  Well, I have $70 in yarn and $5 in the hardware so if I were to sell it, I’d charge $500.  It was a lot of work and it’s lined, too.

Postal worker:  If you decided to sell them, then she (customer) and I would quit our jobs and come and work for you!

Me:  Or I could sell the pattern for $30 and wouldn’t have to do all that work.

Smalltown, USA

10 thoughts on “Smalltown, USA

  1. Don’t you love the “you could sell that” line of comments. But they mean well, and it’s a compliment they think our knitting is so nice. As to blocking wires I have a set that has both flexible and non. I love them for shawls!! And even use them for sweater pieces and get a clean edge for seaming.

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  2. lol I note they didn’t say they would buy one. 🙂
    I often hear that I could sell things, and I when I say I do, and they see the prices, they wonder why they cost so much. Really? They actually are dirt cheap for what they are. But no one knows how much time really goes into these lovely hand knits.

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