Light ash, grey and medium

We have had such a mild winter so far and the temperature got up to 72 F yesterday so I decided to shoot some pictures outdoors.016-front-001

The knitting is finally finished on the Lopi purse and am waiting (impatiently) for the hardware before beginning the felting process.017-front-002

Other than that bit of inspiration for the zigzags which came from the Don’t Skid, Honey fingerless gloves from last year, I made up the pattern as I went.  My hope is that the raised texture is still raised after felting.  If not, it can always be added later.019-back-001

I like the sturdiness of the i-cord bind off. It’s the same as the other felted bags I’ve made.


Those tabs still on the needles will be sewn over the hardware before felting. Same with the strap ends. The strap will also be lined to help with the scratchiness of the wool on my shoulder as well as to keep it from stretching out of shape.018-handle-holder-001

Maybe the hardware will arrive today and this can become a Finished Object.

5 thoughts on “Light ash, grey and medium

    • I’m really excited about this and hope the hardware gets here soon as I really want to start using this bag. The USPS tracking hasn’t updated since February 2 and the expected delivery date was Monday, February 6.

      I will definitely update after the felting. And again once the lining is sewn in. I haven’t decided if I want to insert a zipper in the top or just use a hidden magnetic snap.

      And I need a name for this, too!


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