Looking ahead

Eventually Spring will come.  And with gas prices going up every day, it will be cheaper for me to ride my motorcycle to work.

But it’s just too cold for that right now.  I mentioned before that I wanted to make a neck wrap.  It has to be something warm but thin enough to wear with my helmet and leather jacket.  I did not want anything that had to go over my head.  Sometimes when I get my gear on, I forget my neck until I’m ready to ride.

I have a neck gator that fits over my head but I have to remember to put that on before my helmet.

I’ve used bandanas but they aren’t exactly the right shape as either the front of my neck is covered or the back.  Not both.

I have nothing on my needles right now and I need a small project.  I want to knit this neckwarmer.  The yarn used is discontinued so I’m looking into some Malabrigo worsted.  I’ve never used it before nor have I even seen it in real life but I only need one skein.  I want something variegated.  Either greens and blues. Or reds and oranges.  I want that splash of color between my grey helmet and black leathers.

My plan is to stop at my LYS on my way home from work today and buy some.  And if they don’t have it, I’ll find something else!

Problem is when I shop for a specific thing, I can never find it.

Wish me luck!

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