Papaya Cardi fail?

  1. I LOVE the color.
  2. I blocked it.  Twice.
  3. I didn’t weave in the ends yet.  I will only do that if I decide to keep it.
  4. I don’t have the buttons sewn on yet.  See above.
  5. I don’t like the fit.
  6. I think this is a fail.








I don’t think I will wear this as I don’t LOVE it.  I don’t have a problem ripping this apart and reknitting it into something I like.  I just have to find it first!

What would you do?  Find another pattern?

Please leave a comment.

7 thoughts on “Papaya Cardi fail?

  1. I don’t like it either. It seems a bit large. I love the color. A belt may help, but I don’t know. What can I say. I also think it is a fail. .


  2. Nope. That is NOT a keeper. I agree with Ebby. Looks too big. All over. The color is pretty but the style is not flattering. I can see it as a low v neck cardigan…closer fit through the waist and longer…with a belt. That, IMO would be pretty.


  3. I so wanted to say ‘no it it be fine’ and may be it would in a dimly lit room! The colour is great though. When this happens to me I kinda know part way through but them keep on anyway! 😀


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