Argyle hat

I adapted the Spud and Chloe hat stripes to argyle.  Not the easiest thing to do when knitting in the round.  I’ve never used three colors in one row before.  It might not be as difficult with fingering weight yarn but it was almost too much with worsted weight used double.

Margaret's Hat

Lion Brand Wool Ease in Violet, Avocado and another yarn in Ivory.  I-cord ties and tassels.

Happy Birthday Margaret!

3 thoughts on “Argyle hat

  1. wow. 3 different strands of yarn held double doing the colorwork. That’s impressive. I don’t like to use 3 different colors on row because the yarn just starts twisting and twisting and starting to tangle. And double. whoa! 🙂

    You sure pulled it off beautifully! What a beautiful hat!


  2. I agree that the hat is beautiful. I like challenging knitting. You really have to pay attention to what you are knitting. The colors are beautiful.


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