Pictures later

I’m still recovering from the weekend with my grandkids and daughter-in-law.  When you reach the mid-century mark (plus a few years) it takes awhile to recover from too much fun.

Bishop wanted nothing to do with the crafty goodies I planned except for the stencils I made.  We used cotton balls as daubers.  That lasted a total of 10 minutes.  Pictures later.

I knit a hat Friday night to mail to a friend who thinks knitting isn’t cool.  He just got his hair cut and now his head is cold.  Pictures later.

Last night I was finishing up my special project and started getting a headache.  I’m using a dark yarn and binding off the edge.  The stitches kept sliding off the double-point needles and I couldn’t see the stitches to pick them back up.  I know that knitting at night with a dark yarn is never good for me but I wanted to finish this project.  After fiddling with it for a few minutes with my hands directly under a light, I got the edge bound off.  Finished.  Pictures later.

Gotta run.  Remember: pictures later.

3 thoughts on “Pictures later

  1. I can enjoy something for hours and a kid is done with it in minutes. The only way they will stick with something is you sit right there with them. That’s probably why some parents sit them in front of the tv. If the weather would be warmer at least you could have gone for a walk. I’d slip them a mickey and let them take a long nap!


  2. You are so funny (pictures later)!!! I really enjoy reading your posts. But I can also relate to the eye strain headaches. I’m so old, I get eye strain from looking at my food while I’m eating. And to Jude, great idea. Slip me the mickey…..I need a nap….but actually I’m just on my way to knitting group for some well-needed instruction.


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