I changed my mind

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I posted about wanting to knit this sweater? 

Courtesy of Garns Studio

With this yarn?

Papaya Heather

Well, I changed my mind.  I still love the sweater but I don’t think I will like for me.  The bottom would hit at certain part of my body that I would want covered.  And warm.  And though I have no problem wearing long-sleeved shirts under short-sleeved sweaters, I don’t think I can pull off that fashion statement anymore.

So what do I have my sights set on now? 

Knit Simple Button Cardigan Fall 2008

Of course I love this green however I will be using the Knit Picks Papaya Heather.  But I don’t have enough.  I need two more balls. 

No, I’m not starting this now.  I have too much knitting to do before Christmas.

Besides when I’m ready to start knitting, I may change my mind again.  I will order enough yarn to make this pattern…just in case.

4 thoughts on “I changed my mind

  1. Hey….I change my mind ALL the time. That’s WHY I have so much unused yarn, beads and misc craft supplies around. Sometimes I think I could open my own craft store!


  2. I like the green sweater better. Maybe it’s the color.I change me mind all the time. As Jude said, I also could start a craft store with all the beads, etc., but I don’t want to throw them out yet.


  3. LOL, I always change my mind! That’s what knitting is for… until you jump in (and sometimes even after that!) you’re allowed to be as fickle as you like. At least, that’s how I view it! 😀


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