So far half good

Progress on the felt ornaments.  Here are the felt pieces with the freezer paper ironed on one side.

Felt and freezer paper

This was really easy to do.  The iron was on a medium setting (permanent press without steam on my iron).  Just keep the iron moving and made sure the steam is turned off.  I drew right on the paper and cut the shapes out with regular scissors.

Paper side up

 These are the two ornaments that I finished and I realize my embroidery skills aren’t the greatest.  I’m not very happy with the tree.  I was going for snow-covered branch tips and I think they look like cow udders or something else.  It’s a bit too busy.  You can also see the other shapes I have cut out so far.

Two down, many more to go

Here’s a close-up.  The colors are deeper but I took what light I could get.  There’s a little bit of fiber-fill between the pieces to give them some depth.  I remembered to insert the ribbon to hang it before I did the blanket stitch all the way around.

Two done, many more to go

Another close-up of reverse side tis time.  Those are tiny star sequins on the tree.


I’m not sure how much I will get done tonight.  I still have the Musica mitts to finish.  I did make another Spud and Chloe hat last evening.  I must say that pattern is so quick and easy.  I knit it in less than two hours using stash yarn.  I still have the crochet edge and I-cords to do but those are relatively quick and easy, too.

3 thoughts on “So far half good

  1. You have alot more ambition than I do. I don’t have my cards addressed yet…but I do have a tree up. I’m just going to veg tonight….ooopppps….my TV shows are on….goody goody!


  2. They’re lovely and even on close up they look fine and I agree with Ebby. As well, they’re felt ornaments not an heirloom quilt it is perfectly acceptable for them to be rustic – but I’m not saying they are – that’s just to make you feel better! Really! 😀


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