Girl Friday

It’s been a long week at work and it was a short week at that!  We had a very important meeting today and though I don’t conduct the meetings, I do have to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Get there early.  Make sure the I pick up  refreshments for the meeting before the meeting.  Remember extra agendas, markers, flip chart pads and anything else we need for the meeting.  If you are an administrative assistant or office manager, you know what I’m talking about.  There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make meetings run smooth and an organization look good.  That’s one of the things I do.

My reward for the day was I got to go home early.  It was only an hour and a half but it was early enough to capture daylight for my latest yarn purchases.

Latest yarn order November 2010

Fingering weight

The midnight heather (a nice dark navy) and dusk are for the Musica mitts for Mr. Aitch.   (Sorry the link button isn’t working right now.)  I want them to be a Christmas gift but might not get them finished in time.  If I don’t have any problems with the pattern, it should be a breeze.  Key word is “if”. 

Ruffled Bottle Sleeves

The red is for “Ruffled Bottle Sleeves “. 

Papaya Heather

This beautiful color is going to be made into a Drops Design short jacket 117-43 for me.  I didn’t order enough yarn for this as I was figuring the yarn by weight and not yardage.  More yarn is on the way.  I won’t start this until all my other Christmas things are finished.

Courtesy of Garns Studio

 The coal, cobblestone and red are planned to be a version of Eva Katarina’s Bird and Vine mittens.  You can check this out on Ravelry’s site.   I wasn’t sure if the cobblestone would be too dark so I also ordered the dove grey just in case.

Right now I’m making some hats from Spud and Chloe mentioned in an earlier post for the twin’s birthday coming up next month.  I’m using some stash yarns and will show you pictures as soon as I’m finished.  The pattern is very quick.  I started the hat Wednesday morning before I went to work and finished the body of it this morning.  I’m getting ready to start on the earflaps.

The seamless slippers for Dr. Professor are finished except for the soles.  Pictures will follow.

I really need to finish the Ms Ida mittens.  I’ll see if I can get her to behave.  Sad when all I have left to do are the thumbs.  I will not let her get the best of me.

The formatting on WordPress isn’t working very well tonight so I think I’m going to give up trying to get the links to work.  I’m posting this later than usual and am looking forward to a day when I can sleep in.  And guess what?  Tomorrow is that day!!

1 thought on “Girl Friday

  1. Those colors are beautiful. Have you counted on how much your finished projects are worth? I think your yarn is qute expensive, but it makes a beautiful.finished item. From the picture, I am not too excited about it, but I’m overage and don’t like some of the items for me and are just for the young.


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