She’s got a ticket to ride…

I leave Monday morning for four days to a conference in Philadelphia.  I’m looking forward to both the journey and the destination.  I’m riding the train and should have twelve travel hours to knit.

So this morning I planned to decide what yarn, needles and projects to take with me.  What I did instead was look at my yarn stash.  I didn’t write down any of the acrylic yarns so I didn’t have as much as I thought I did.  And that’s a good thing.

I need to get over to Ravelry and update my stuff.

Two WIPs are going to be tinked or rather totally ripped out, yarn soaked and unkinked, and repurposed into something else.  I have two sweaters I started for my grandson that will not fit him now.   I’m not sure what to do with:

  1. One almost completed sock for Mr. Aitch and not enough yarn for sock #2.
  2. One orange and green (Yeah, the yarn was on sale) mitten missing the thumb and enough yarn to make the second one but do I really want to?
  3. One self-striping sock yarn wrist warmer but no info on how I made it so making the second one probably won’t happen.

I did decide to take Ms Ida long with me hoping I’ll finish them.  I’m also taking some cotton for a few more swiffer covers, some wool for the Curly Purly soakers, and some miscellaneous yarn for some seamless slippers.

I suppose I’ll need to pack some clothes, too.

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