Slow progress

I’m a thrower when I knit.  I’ve tried to knit  continental but I have a hard time with it.  Practice makes perfect, however I don’t want to change knitting styles in the middle of a project as my tension/gauge changes.  

I’m more than half way into the left hand chart on Ms Ida Chain Link mittens and it’s slow going right now.  Thanks to the little mishap the other night, the bandage on my thumb is getting in the way of the yarn and the way I hold my needles.  The yarn gets snagged on it every other stitch.  

Plus I’ve tinked, frogged, unknit at least an entire mitten during the process.  Knit two rows, tink one.   

I can’t seem to keep my place or read the chart correctly.  I have the chart on my magnetic board with a magnet above the row I’m knitting so all I have to do is follow the bottom edge of the magnet.  I even put a little “x’ to the right of the row I finished and yet I keep knitting the previous row.  

Ms Ida and magnetic chart


I blurred the chart as it is copyrighted material.  

See the mess on the other mitten?  Since I didn’t like the pointiness of the top of the mitten, I shortened it by five or six rows.  I’m doing the kitchener stitch on the end and I just haven’t tightened up the stitches yet.

3 thoughts on “Slow progress

  1. I love the mittens and that blue is a favourite. Hang in there with them. I’ve had the same problem with my latest cardi but it’s almost done now. As for the thumb (poor you), get some finger cots from the drugstore – a mini condom for your bandaged digit. It should do the trick.


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