Music to my eyes

I saw these on someone’s post the other day and I want to knit them.  Mr. Aitch was a band director and music teacher for long enough to retire from teaching with full benefits.

Longer than you would want to listen to beginner band students try to make a pleasant sound from a musical instrument.

Add ten more years.

And another ten years.

And ten more.

And a few more years.

Understand why he doesn’t want to hear me practice my bagpipes?

Anyway during his retirement, he decided to pick up a few “hobbies”.  One being smoking cigars.  Now he doesn’t smoke them in the house (end of a long marriage) but he does smoke them outside even in the winter.  I saw these cigar gloves on Knitty and these fingerless mitts and decided I. Had. To. Frankenknit**. Them. For. Him.  Maybe in time for Christmas.  Yeah, Christmas 2010.

The thing is:

  1. I don’t have any solid sock or DK yarn in my stash.
  2. I’m going to Philadelphia for a conference this week.
  3. There are a few lovely yarn shops a few blocks from my conference.
  4. I don’t have any solid sock or DK yarn in my stash.
  5. I can load up on snacks during the breaks so I don’t have to eat lunch or dinner.
  6. I may come home with some solid sock/DK yarn.
  7. I’m thinking  maybe a deep heathery blue or grey and black instead of white and black.  Something subtle but with enough contrast to see the design.  You know, something a man wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear even if it is only in the garage.

Update to follow.

BTW you don’t work with me, do you?

**Frankenknit – adapting two or more patterns into something that works for you.   Frankenstein = Frankenknit

Your thoughts? I read them all.

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