Decisions, decisions

I picked up the Ms Ida Chain Link mittens once again and am already a few rows past the ribbing.  I still haven’t completely finished the first one yet.  The thumb and flip-top finishing are waiting.  Plus I’m not liking the pointy end and tried to do something to round it out a bit and still keep the end smooth. 

MS Ida CLM right back


I’m headed to the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) in 10 days for a conference for work.  I don’t like to drive in big cities and I’d have to drive the beltway around Baltimore.  Mr. Aitch went with me the last time I went to this conference.  He doesn’t want to go this time.   So I decided I would take the train instead of drive. 

That will give me six hours going and six hours coming back to knit!  Yes!  Plus the evenings in the hotel.  Yes! 

I need to look at my unfinished objects, my yarn stash and my knitting wish list.  Then I just have to figure out what project(s) to take with me…

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