I won! I WON!!

No need to congratulate me, really.  I truly deserve the award and I wasn’t even trying to win.  In fact I wish I wouldn’t have won…the Dumb A** of the Week Award.

I was cutting out some fabric with a rotary cutter and wasn’t paying attention to where my thumb was.  It was riding along the business edge of the rotary cutter.

It’s a smooth cut.  It’s a DEEP cut.  And it’s still bleeding.

Fortunately I didn’t get any blood on the fabric.

I might be able to knit if I put a big thimble over the end of my thumb so the wound doesn’t reopen.  That is if I can get it to stop bleeding…

3 thoughts on “I won! I WON!!

  1. I have a long, gorgeous scar on my finger where I got stitches from a rotary cutter. It was so dumb. It was years ago, and it still tingles when I hit it just right! Hope yours heals up better than mine did!


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