Neck wraps

I’m looking for a quick knit for a neck wrap.  It has to be secure around my neck and not tie.

I ride a motorcycle and this time of the year (as well as the spring) the mornings are a bit chilly.  I usually tie a bandana around my neck under my jacket…looks like a cowboy sort of.  I want something a bit more sophisticated than a bandana.  My Mom had a lot of beautiful scarves that I thought I could use for such an occasion (and keep her close to me) but the scarves are silky and like to move around too much.

Any sleek but warm suggestions?

1 thought on “Neck wraps

  1. Are you on Ravelry? If so, take a look at Juneau Slanted Neck Wrap and/or Elongated Rib Neck Warmer. They both seem pretty quick. If you’re not on Ravelry – sign up now! I will not, however, take ANY responsibility for the lost days of knit surfing that are sure to follow.


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