You are worth it

When I was in 8th Grade Home Ec (I’m a year younger than dirt), we made basic A-line skirts.  I found this lovely suede cotton and begged my mother to buy it for the project.  I don’t remember how much it was per yard but it wasn’t that expensive.  She was looking at the $.79 a yard fabric and I was looking at the $1.29 fabric or something like that.   My Home Ec teacher just so happened to be in the store at the very same time and overheard our conversation.  She told my mother that she should reconsider her decision and allow me to get the suede cotton.  If I didn’t like the fabric, I wasn’t going to wear the skirt.  She also reassured my mother that she would make sure I didn’t ruin the skirt.

Well, my mother decided she would get the fabric for me.  And I didn’t disappoint.  In fact my sister and I shared this skirt throughout high school.  By the time I graduated, it had seen better days.  But it was worth the cost of the fabric.

Which brings me to my point.  If you are going to spend the time knitting or sewing something, get the good yarn or fabric.   Get enough so you can play with it, get the feel of it, practice with it, swatch it.  Then go for it.

Life is too short to knit something out of yarn you don’t like. It takes a lot of time and effort to knit.  If you don’t like the yarn, you won’t wear it.  Rip it out and knit something else out of it.  Or give it away.

You are worth the “good” yarn.

And speaking of yarn…I made some substantial progress on my mittens last night.  I’m altering the pattern by making a slit on the palm so the top part will fold back and expose the fingers.  Not sure if I will make fingers or just add an extension for fingerless mitts.  I may also do the same for the thumb so the recipient can text while still keeping their hands warm.

Maybe I’ll even get a picture of my progress.

3 thoughts on “You are worth it

  1. I agree. When I teach my friends to knit I always tell them that they should use the best yarn they can afford for their project because there’s nothing worse than feeling a yarn that you don’t like passing through your fingers the whole time!


  2. Preach it, Sista! 🙂
    I hate crocheting. Know why? Almost everything I ever crocheted was done before I knew the difference between Red Heart and wool…. Knitting has been a veritable feast of fibers and I love every stitch – no matter what the cost. (That makes me sound rich – quite the contrary, it is a great sacrifice somewhere in the budget that allows me the occasional pricey yarn! Still worth it.)


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