No knitting

I did not knit one stitch yesterday.  It wasn’t because I didn’t try.  I just got into other things.

My lunch time involved eating quickly so I could run to the computer fix-it shop to pick up Mr. Aitch’s old computer that we gave to our daughter.  The video card died so we had it replaced.  I will take the computer back to her soon.  She’s going on vacation so she doesn’t really need it right now.

On Sunday I updated my anti-virus program and had issues with it.  After cleaning and knitting on Monday,  I tried to get some help with the anti-virus program.  Got it uninstalled and reinstalled then went to bed.  Last night I noticed my Spam filters weren’t working and the Spam toolbar in my email was missing.  I tried to get help from the website but didn’t have much success.  Mr. Aitch and I watched a movie and I couldn’t knit the mittens since it has color work and needs my full attention.  I tried yet again to get the Spam filters working and discovered other issues.  I will get this thing fixed tonight.

Maybe I can knit during lunch today.

Oh, I almost forgot…I’m wearing my Lace Hem topping today.  Love the fit and color.  I got a compliment on it already.  =)

Your thoughts? I read them all.

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