It’s the right thing to do

“If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”  Emma Bronder Kreidle, my grandmother.  

If you have been following my dilemma about the Lace Hem Top here and here, you know I am not happy with the armholes.  I tacked a few stitches together under the arm and shortened the shoulder by a half-inch on both the front and back thinking it would fix the problem.  

There are no shortcuts to doing something right.  I’ve spent too much time knitting this only to have it second-rate.  I would always look at it thinking I should have…  

So I ripped it down to the beginning of the armhole shaping and knit another inch before I start the armhole shaping for the second time.  Then I will make the armhole an inch shorter.   

Second attempt


It’s the right thing to do.  Right, Gram?  

On another note the thermometer already says it’s 89 degrees and it’s only 9:00 am.  Gonna be another hot day.  

Mr. Aitch and I “planned” to ride our motorcycles to the Farmer’s Market in Springs, PA this morning to visit a scissors repair man.  

Broken Stork Scissors


I have a pair of stork embroidery scissors and the pivot broke many years ago.  I didn’t want to throw them out so I finally found someone fairly local that would take a look at them to see if he could repair them.  Not sure if we want to ride 40 miles one way in this heat.  It just might be too darn hot.

1 thought on “It’s the right thing to do

  1. I admire you for ripping that out. I agree – that sweater is so beautiful – you will be glad you did! I always say “I’m a process” knitter – but I find that easy to say but not so easy to adhere to when I really need to rip back! Good luck on your next attempt on the armholes! I can’t wait to see it complete!


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