Water in the basement

We had a line of thunderstorms roll through yesterday afternoon which forced allowed Mr. Aitch and me to do some water removal or rather water squeegee-ing.  Is that even a word?  Anyway the drain outside our basement door was shut (defective, more likely) and the door just wouldn’t hold the EIGHT inches of water that accumulated outside.

The concrete stairs outside act like a waterfall and channel the rain to the drain.  I braved the torrential downpour with a screwdriver and released the drain cover.  I understand the concept behind this drain cover so stuff doesn’t go down it and clog the drain but anything more than a nice gentle rain, and the thing acts like a plug.  Poor design.  Or maybe it wasn’t designed for where it is at my house.  We really need to get this issue resolved if I want to turn part of the basement into a craft/sewing/knitting/painting area.  Water has its place in the world but not running across my floor.


Fortunately I had the foresight to place all the “good” junk up off the floor by using those foam-type shipping supports (that come around various computers, monitors, TVs, aquarium supplies, and furniture) under everything to keep it dry.  It was still a mess and some things were not on said foam-type supports.  So some things got wet.

Because of this wet mess, I decided I’m taking all the old but still wearable clothes that have been in a holding pattern in the basement to Goodwill today.  They were in plastic bags and protected.  It’s something I’ve been meaning to do but never got around to it yet.

And what does one do with old motorcycle helmets?  Is there a motorcycle helmet grave yard?

The Lace Hem Topping is slowly but surely coming along.  I have the back finished to where I think I need to start the shoulder shaping but I’m not going to do any more until I get the front done to the same place.  This way I try it on (sort of) and get an idea if the armholes are too short, too long or just right.  Then I will finish it.

Your thoughts? I read them all.

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