It’s never easy


 The armholes on the Lace Hem Topping shell are too big.  My bra shows.  Once a woman reaches a certain age, a little peek at the bra isn’t as titillating as it used to be.  Not good.  I took in a couple of stitches at the underarm to tighten it up.  Then I decided to undo the shoulder seams and rip back a few rows to shorten the offending armhole before I attempt the crochet edge.

Remember when I said the mattress stitch was slow going?  That’s because I evidently ROCK at the mattress stitch and weaving in ends.  I’m so darn (not the first word that popped into my head) good at it that I couldn’t find the end to rip it out!

It took over an hour to find and undo the mattress stitching for one of the shoulder seams.  19 stitches.  The other side was about 15 minutes.

So now I need to rip back seven rows and start the neck/shoulder shaping all over again.  This time I will do short row shaping and the three needle bind off at the shoulders since I’ll be knitting both the front and back at the same time.

Word to the wise.  Don’t weave in the ends until you are 10,000% sure you are completely done.  Fin.  Fini.  The end.

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